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Baku Blockchain Hackathon review

We have organized first Blockchain Hackathon in Baku, together with Bakcell — the first mobile operator in Azerbaijan and Innoland Incubation and Acceleration center. The main purpose of the hackathon was to show the developers and startup teams, how and why to implement blockchain in their projects.

We received 50 applications, but after testing their skills we had chosen only 10 developers for the hackathon, forming 4 teams. It all started with an opening ceremony given by Orkhan Ahmadov, Waves Ambassador and Local Community Manager.

The hackathon program included 3 tracks with different tasks to solve and a workshop explaining the basics of each track’s topic. Hackathon participants had around 36 hours of programming time to complete their tasks.

We had a workshop on how to present the final project by Dmitriy Sukhamera, COO Waves.

Track 1: Payment Gateway integration

The topic: Cryptocurrencies may be used as a payment of various products and services online.

The task: Develop cryptocurrency payment gateway solution based on Waves API for wallets & Waves Keeper

Track 2: Loyalty Program application

The topic: Loyalty programs on blockchain is a great idea. It reduces costs on program development and more secure in terms of saving the information of customers.

The task: Using waves wallet and token solutions, implement a loyalty system for various services.

Track 3: Identity and key management

The topic: Many people store scans of their documents in the cloud to send them when needed.

The task: Using Waves smart contracts and DataTransactions, implement a system that enables secure document storage, with access on-demand.

Later 2 teams were disqualified from the hackathon, and only two teams continued the development. As a result we had 2 solutions that were connected 2 tracks in one.

First solution were provided by MadBots. They have developed gaming solution where people can buy virtual goods with cryptocurrency, using the waves keeper.

Second solution were provided by OfficeGuys team. They have developed a donation platform where anyone can open an account with short link and easily open wallet on waves. By this way it automatically create QR code for all major cryptos in a wallet and make it possible to accept payments and donations made by Waves wallet.

As a result we have decided to share the prize fund of 500 Waves, between the teams, and give 250 Waves to each one. We have presented certificates and other gifts by Bakcell to all participants.

What did we find out in the hackathon?
Most of the local developers still do not understand what is blockchain and where to implement it. But of course we knew that, and the that is why we have decided to organize the hackathon.

Special thanks goes to the Waves developers team for their support during the event and Dmitriy Sukhamera for meeting the teams and explaining them in which direction they should move after hackathon with their projects. We couldn’t have made it happen without them.

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