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Waves Client Major Release

It happened: after 53 beta releases, the long-awaited major release of the Waves Client is finally here! The Waves flagship product has been thoroughly tested by the Waves developers team for the past six months, and is now ready to offer its outstanding functionality and security to the world.

Let’s start with the summary of what the Waves team has achieved, while developing the Waves Client. Check out the impressive numbers below!

What else is so cool about the Waves Client? You just forget about complicated blockchain tools, since the Client lets you store, send, exchange and issue tokens easily, swiftly and securely, no technical background required. This makes the Waves Client the only multi-purpose blockchain tool tailored to needs of any user, whether crypto newbies or professionals. Let’s take a closer look at what the Waves Client has to offer.

You already know about such great features like Token Launcher, with which you can issue your own token literally in less than 60 seconds and trade it on the built-in exchange right away, and super-handy Waves Wallet, with multiple gateways and unlimited withdrawals on crypto. The major release also offers an asset manager, which allows searching and pinning/unpinning tokens on the main page. And did we mention that the Waves Client now has the night mode — an awesome feature for 24/7 traders? All of this is pretty cool, but the main act of the major release is, of course, the almighty DEX.

The infographics says it all — Waves DEX is the most cutting-edge, fast and, most importantly, secure decentralised exchanges to date. Considering the recent hacker attacks on different DEXs, the choice of trading platform is obvious. On the Waves decentralised exchange, the chances of you losing money are zero. Your orders are transferred to the Matcher over an encrypted channel and are not visible to other participants until the moment of execution. This excludes the possibility of unscrupulous traders manipulating information about an upcoming trade. Funds are kept in your wallet, not on the exchange.

So what’s up with the updated DEX? The reworked Waves DEX boasts a completely new interface, new APIs and improved stability, thanks to the custom-built data infrastructure. The recent updates, together with high liquidity (>$7,000,000 average 24h volume) and low fees (<$0.01 or 0.003 WAVES per order), brings the Waves DEX into line with the user experiences of the most popular crypto exchanges, and in fact offers even more sophisticated functionality than some of the top trading platforms.

Waves Client Beta was first released on 13 December 2017, with the launch event held in Amsterdam. Since then the Waves team has continued to build on its hard-earned success, perfecting every element of the Client including UI, stability, speed and ease of use. In the near future, we are planning to integrate the Waves Client with hardware wallets and to implement 2fa authentication after the release of smart accounts on mainnet.

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